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Grace Vet Center is a family-owned animal hospital in Estero that offers a fear-free experience for pets. Their team emphasizes the concept that your pet’s mental well-being matters.

“Instead of tucked tails, we have wagging tails,” said Dr. Laura Laxton, who opened the practice with her husband in late 2019. “We want pets to always have a happy visit.”

Giving treats to pets during vaccines is one way to ensure a less stressful time. The layout of Grace Vets is also made with the pet’s happiness in mind with cats being treated on one side and dogs on the other.

Laxton, who has been a veterinarian since 2015, has come to realize the importance of caring for the entire pat family. “Helping patients was my first priority, and now it’s the whole family – it’s the people that come with pets,” Laxton said.

Laxton has a special interest in pet pediatrics, always willing to answer any questions about your new pup.

“If we can help ease worries, there’s no judgement,” Laxton said. “Whether you’re an inexperienced pet owner, or you have 20 dogs at home, we’re here to help everybody.”

On the other end of the pet life cycle, Grace Veterinary Center partners with a specialist from Life Pulse Therapy to offer electromagnetic therapy for pets suffering from chronic pain and mobility issues.

This is a great option for suffering from arthritis, ulcers, swelling and more.

Laxton and her team realize that when something goes wrong with your furry friend, it can be detrimental to the family’s emotional health. Grace Veterinary Center has a beautiful garden outside for families to relax, with a memorial garden of stones dedicated to beloved pets who have passed. A Comfort room upstairs provides a calm space for tough end-of-life discussions.

To schedule an appointment with Grace Veterinary Center or to learn more about their services, visit

Everything You Need to Know About Puppy Yoga

One of the newest trends in health and wellness is puppy yoga, and from its name alone I think you could already tell why that’s the case. I mean, is there anything more adorable and fulfilling than doing yoga poses with a furry friend right by your side? We bring the puppies and the fun! 

We’re 100% certain that puppy yoga will bring a positive change in your life, whether you’re a yoga newbie or a veteran yogi looking for something fresh to spice up your workout. It’s very much like Mom & Baby Yoga in a sense that doing yoga with a puppy or dog gives you a wonderful opportunity to bond with a puppy  that’s needs a new home or to reduce stress by playing with baby animals. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about puppy yoga – from what goes on during a class to the benefits of doing yoga with a pup. You can use all of the information in this post to help you decide whether yoga with a dog is for you or not, and to help you get ready for your first dog yoga class.

Puppy Yoga

Puppy yoga, dog yoga, or doga, whatever you want to call it, is essentially just yoga but with a cute and furry twist. Some serious yogis out there might not buy into the idea of adding a new twist to their practice. But for those who are really interested in doing yoga with a dog, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you execute a yoga pose.

Dog yoga can indeed sound a little bit strange to those who haven’t tried it. Yoga is difficult enough on its own, and when you add dogs into the equation it looks like it becomes even more complex. However, adding dogs into the mix brings joy and warmth to your flow and enables you to connect with another conscious living being.

The Benefits Of Puppy Yoga

Aside from making you laugh and bringing joy to your heart, puppy yoga also has many other benefits. According to studies, spending 10 minutes with a dog can drastically improve your mood by reducing stress levels. When you pair this dog-powered mood hack with yoga, your mind and body are sure to benefit.

Yoga is also a known and effective stress reliever that can help boost your sense of calm. Avid yogis know the beautiful sense of harmony that comes when the mind and body work as one and the same thing can be experienced in puppy yoga. Plus, practicing dog yoga also allows you to reap the proven health benefits of yoga, which range from strengthening muscles and improving flexibility to aiding in weight reduction.

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the benefits it provides for our furry little friends too! Human interaction is great way to make dogs feel loved and it helps with their social development. Puppies who are bound to grow up in a family environment will require a lot of practice around people, and puppy yoga will give them plenty of that. They would also get to interact with other puppies, which can be wonderful for their development and an adorable thing to witness.

How to Do It

Puppy yoga is quite a simple practice that has a focus on form and is always relaxed to prevent injuries. It is basically a more laidback version of yoga, with lots of opportunities to pet the puppies during breaks. And like any yoga, practicing mindfulness of your own body and taking the class in stages are both encouraged.

Regardless of your level of interest, puppy yoga is a fantastic way to get into yoga. If ever you feel uncomfortable while practicing, you can always do a child’s pose and pet a puppy and absolutely no one will judge you.

Reasons to Get Into Puppy Yoga

There are plenty of reasons to get into your leggings and do yoga with man’s best friend. Here are some of the best ones:

  1. Physical Fitness – Yoga is great for the body and puppy yoga is a really fantastic way to get into fitness in a fun and engaging way.
  2. Mental Health –Regardless of whether you enjoy doing yoga, spending time with puppies is guaranteed to boost your happiness and make you feel warm and fulfilled.
  3. Meeting New People – Puppy yoga is a great opportunity to meet other people who share your love for dogs.
  4. Puppy Health – Who loves cuddles? Puppies! Puppy yoga is a great way for them to get a break from their usual environment and interact with new people.

Dog yoga is an amazing way to get fit, make friends, and achieve a sense of balance and fulfillment. Given the popularity of yoga in Florida, it’s no surprise that some Floridians are already into puppy yoga. If you decide to take one of the adoptable puppies home, then you can bring the fur baby over here to Grace Veterinary Center. We are a locally owned general practice offering a full suite of services for pets, including dental care, soft tissue surgery, vaccinations, grooming, and so much more.

Meet your Instructor, Kaylie

Kaylie started practicing yoga in high school with Jullian Micheals Yoga DVDs. As a competitive swimmer and runner, yoga made her more flexible and less prone to injuries. In college, she found a home at Charleston Power Yoga. This Baptiste affiliated, hot yoga studio was her escape from the stresses of college, work, and change. She worked and promoted the studio at the College of Charleston and completed her certification to assist in classes.  A year and a half later, Kaylie decided to get her 200 Hour Power Yoga training in Charleston. After earning her certification and graduating from college, she moved to Estero. Currently, Kaylie teaches puppy yoga and power yoga classes on the top floor of Grace Veterinary Center. She also teaches private yoga classes.

Vet Camp for Kids

A fun place where kids get to play “veterinarian”, learn about a future career in veterinary medicine, and see how we take care of beloved pets behind the scenes. Great job saving puppy lives doc!